A brief history
A brief historyof who we are
All Love Catering was founded on Valentines Day 2011. As of January 2018 we have successfully catered over 175 weddings and 400 additional events ranging from private parties, public events & corporate functions. We pride ourselves on scratch made food which is cooked on site. Our trucks come with a kitchen that we unload and set up on site which is primarily powered by propane. While a chef team is cooking your food, our front of house team stages the ceremony, cocktail area, dining and so forth.

We have done weddings on mountain tops with no running water or electricity for over 200 people. We oversee the tent installation, tables, chairs, linen, place settings, bartending, music, dance floor, restroom trailers, garbage removal, the complete setup and cleanup.

We also have event venues we prefer catering – check those out on our venues page.

Sometimes all you need is a ninja chef to come in and do a private dinner experience, which we can also do. Point is – if you are looking for amazing, scratch made & chef inspired food – you’ve found the right place.

Our team consists of roughly 40 talented people. Below are the players who are primarily responsible for the success of All Love Catering.

Danielle Swann
Danielle SwannSales Director
Sales & Event Designer Danielle Swann brings over 15 years in Hospitality, (Restaurants and Catering Companies) working all front of house positions, including General Manager and Catering Director. From 1997-2005,​ ​she spent​ ​8 years​ ​​​in Marketing Management, ending​ ​her career as a Marketing Director for the US Olympic Committee.

Always smiling or laughing, Danielle brings to the All Love​ ​Catering team a passion for​ ​Event​ ​Planning as well as the requisite appreciation and knowledge of what​ ​ALC wants to provide: top-quality food,​ ​superior execution, with knowledgeable and​ ​friendly service!

Her priority is to work with potential clients on planning their event with an astute attention to the details that will lead to a memorable experience! When she is not taking care of your event needs she takes care of her own as an avid​ ​traveler,runner, biker, hiker, and snowboarder. Danielle is often our first point of contact for clients which is a role she enjoys as much as a successful event!

You are in caring hands with​ ​Danielle and All Love Catering!

Johnny Hurley
Johnny HurleyChef & Operations Manager
Chef Johnny Hurley has been a part of All Love Catering since 2017, however he has ties to the team dating back to 2012.
Johnny brings a hardworking and detailed approach to your event. Not only does Johnny support the kitchen, he points all of the equipment from plates, stoves, cooking equipment, linen, uniforms and so forth. On event days, Johnny can play all positions from back of house, front of house, captaining and event management.

College Graduate of Cooks Street Culinary School
Over a decade in the Food Service Industry

Annie Dowding
Annie DowdingExecutive Chef
Executive Chef Annie Dowding

A true Colorado girl through and through. Born and raised here, she truly enjoys everything this beautiful state has to offer. Her family, snowboarding and the Broncos are a few of her loves that occupy her time outside of the kitchen.
Annie has a vast variety of experience in the hospitality industry that spans over 18 years. She studied Restaurant and Resort Management at Colorado State University where she also found a love for the catering business. While attending school, She worked at the catering company on campus where she trained in front and back of house positions. Upon graduation she decided to continue her education at the Art Institute of Colorado where she received a degree in Culinary Arts.
Annie started her career in the culinary field at the Denver Housing Authority. She was involved in creating and managing The Osage Cafe, Denver’s first training platform for At-Risk Youth. The youth gained entry level job skills in the industry as employees of a fully operating cafe. After spending many years with The Housing Authority she decided to return to her love of catering. She has been with All Love Catering for four years and has great pride in being able to execute delicious food for our guests on their special days and events.

Elliot Darling
Elliot DarlingVice President & Co-Owner

Over 24 years in the Culinary field.

Elliot began his culinary career at a young age, working his way up the ranks to become a leader in the food industry. His extensive background has honed him into an absolute professional with high standards in not only food, but cleanliness and team cohesiveness. Elliot is a co-founder of All Love Catering, elevating the possibilities of food. He has worked in numerous Restaurants, notably Palomino for 7 years. He has developed hundreds of menus from French to Modern American Cuisine, Overseen food preparation for over 3,000 people per day at a retail level, opened new stores for Whole Foods Market and lead their Prepared Foods Department for over 4 years.

Elliot has orchestrated & executed hundreds of catering events, opened new restaurants and acted as a consultant for many existing. The list goes on and on. When not cooking, Elliot spends time with his son, Sid.

Elliot’s current role in All Love Catering is Food Purchasing, Chef Team Development, Food Production, Menu Author, Recipe Refiner, On site execution of food and Logistical Planning. This guy rocks.

720-917-4186 Extension #5

Jenn Masak
Jenn MasakSecretary, Treasurer & Co-Owner
Extensive Events Planning, Marketing & Advertising

Jenn has been with All Love Catering since its inception and brings over 25 Years experience in sales, client coordination, marketing and general butt kicking. She has orchestrated public events for Sea Cuisine, Chrysler Automotive & has collaborated with the Prairie Dog Coalition in Boulder. She has planned events for Mayor Hancock, Good Will of Denver & many other private events.

Jenn’s Current role in All Love Catering is Sales Director and Business Development.

Cole Crocker
Cole CrockerPresident, CEO, Founder & Co-Owner
If you read everyone else’s bio before mine, that makes me happy.
All Love Catering started off as a side project outside my regular cooking hours. I entered the food business at the age of 14 and have challenged myself as a chef and person since that first day in the kitchen. Food is special and I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with people who feel the same way. The team that makes all love happen is made up of individuals who relate on one thing; superior food and service. We have all worked restaurants and countless food related gigs. All Love is the place we bring the best together. Every event we work is important and thought out. We never “phone it in” and that’s been a fact since we officially started in 2011.

Give us a shot! We throw down!
I want our food and service to be the best possible because our hearts go into your moment.


“Family, Friends & Food” – Cole Crocker

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Our Front and Back of House

Some of our chefs have over 25 years experience in the culinary arts.

Most of our team have been involved in restaurants doing fine dining for at least a decade. Our chefs prepare everything from scratch and execute on site, just before service!

Our front of house servers and captains also bring a lot to the table. Our captains have experience working banquets for 300 people or more, even serving the President of the United States. Our newer servers love the industry and are eager to insure all guests are well taken care of.

A lot of the All Love Catering team has been here since the beginning in 2011. They have worked the all nighters, the back breaking equipment lifting, rain delays, high heats and freezing temperatures. Without our team, nothing would be where it is today!