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All Love Catering – Venues & Planning Services

All Love Catering is a Denver Based caterer who serves their clients with expertise in venue selection and complete planning services.  Our team travels to remote locations across the Rocky Mountains to cater Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties & moments worth savoring. All Love also prefers several Event Venues throughout the Denver area including Venue 221, Blanc, Studios at Overland Crossing, Larimer Social, Skylight Denver, Space Gallery and the prestigious Highlands Ranch Mansion.

We Stand united with our team, clients and partners on one major point – Quality. While Denver and Colorado have seen an influx of new residents, new catering companies have also entered the market. A bulk of our new competition is striving to beat All Love with lower pricing. Several potential clients have hired these new companies to give them a chance at their budding business while also saving money. The results have yielded mistakes with the setup, service, cleanup while adding unnecessary stress to an already stressful day. Not to mention the food being received poorly and “not the same as the tasting”. We support new, up and coming businesses, especially those in food service – however – we stand true to our quality.

Quality is our best attempt at perfection. Since perfection is an idea, All Love Catering is always trying to get as close as possible. The only way to obtain near perfection is by learning and challenging our team every event. Each moment All Love Caters is a moment in which we strive to offer the highest quality of food and service. “The Brisket should have braised for 30 minutes less and then sliced to order to keep the integrity of the texture” or “Next time, the bar is pre-pouring wine, beer and champagne for the bridal party after the ceremony so pictures feel like a cocktail hour”. These examples are just from last weekend and you can bet we are applying them this weekend.

Quality is the carrot we are always reaching for. It keeps our team sharp, our standards high and clients impressed. We strive to improve each time the truck leaves the kitchen for an event. All Love is now in its 6th season and we have applied this attitude since day 1. You can rest assured that hiring our professional team will pay off on your big day. We charge what we charge to cover our talented team’s payrate, purchasing the best ingredients possible and planning out an event detail by little detail.

All Love Catering stands with Quality. Quality sets us apart, not our pricing – which is why our reputation is 5 stars. We hope you consider us for your important moment, because your moment is important to us too and deserves the best quality possible!