2013 Wedding Season a huge Success!

We are so thrilled for our Brides and Grooms this Season! Between May & September, All Love Catering has catered 17 Weddings throughout the State of Colorado. Every Menu has been different to accommodate every client, every venue has been different but the results have all been the same: Awesomely Delicious! Over the season, Sergio from Higher Dimension Photography has captured 5 Weddings. The pictures have been uploaded on our Photo Reel Page. Highlight00016 September 7th kicks up the last leg of our season! Expect more updates, menus and pictures to come. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for current news.   If you are looking for a caterer for your event, you just found the best in the game. Our team brings experience, professionalism and Love to every event. Not to mention we prepare your food on site with our mobile kitchen. Give Chef Cole Crocker a call today to discuss.   720.917.4186 AllLoveCatering@Gmail.com

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