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Let’s Talk about Food!

Now that Wedding Season is half way complete, the chefs at All Love are planning for the Holiday Season! Specifically, delicious new passed appetizer options. Since December & January are the busiest months of the year, our bookings are beginning to stack up. We want to offer a creative, delicious menu for our returning clients as well to attract new clients!
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Bourbon Glazed Shrimp Spikes with Cherry Tomato & Green Onion(GF)

We Marinate the shrimp overnight before slow roasting in the oven. Once cooled, the shrimp are skewered with cherry tomatoes and glazed just before serving!

Braised Carne Asada on Mini Corn “Arepas” topped with Avocado Crema (GF)

We slow cook flank steak in our blended chili sauce for 4 hours before shredding. Our masa corn Arepas are seared on cast iron and we top with an avocado cream to finish!

Spinach & Artichoke Aranchini with Lemon Aioli

We make our risotto from scratch, folding in chopped artichokes & wilted spinach. Then we bread & fry, topping with a Lemon Aioli before service!

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