Food Skewer Session

Playing with food is an activity that used to be over a meal, and now it may last several hours into the night. Different flavor combinations with colors, textures and plates. Chefs are professional food artists with styles of traditional, modern and futuristic. Cole Crocker is a bit of everything, just so long it tastes and looks outstanding. With a bag of groceries and a handful of skewers, the result came out as delicious!

Take a look at our samples of Chef Cole's Skewer Session;

Skewers 1

All Love Catering is based in Denver, Colorado and travels to any location. We have the ability to serve food at a venue without a kitchen. Specializing in custom tailored Weddings and Menus ranging from Vegan to French, there is no limit to the offerings of All Love Catering. Contact our Chef and Owner today to discuss your event.

Cole Crocker


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