Venue Highlight: Planet Bluegrass,

Location: Lyons, Colorado

Attributes: Vast open space, riverside ceremony site, large indoor pavilion with stage

Featured Event: Brittany & Todd, September 23rd, 2016

160 Guests, Passed & Staged Appetizers, Family Style Dinner

Brittany & Todd’s Menu

About the day:

Brittany & Todd were an out of state, destination wedding hosted in Colorado. They were very interested in offering southern charm, both in decor and food. One of our chefs at the time brought a vast knowledge of Carolina styled southern food in which developed into Brittany & Todd’s menu. They chose a mixture of farm tables & linen tables with mahogany wooden chairs. We offered customized appetizers, cast iron pots for corn bread & cooked all the food on site. Although we do not have an official online review, the couple used words such as “Perfection” when we followed up. Overall, this was an amazing day we are so very proud to feature!