Same-Sex Vendor Certification Coming Soon!

Huge News in Colorado as Same Sex Civil Unions become legal Today! Denver's Webb Building was packed last night with couples making history in legal same sex relationships. Mayor Hancock performed the first ceremonies personally ushering the movement of the future. With Gay & Lesbian  civil unions becoming legal, many ceremonies are soon to follow. Couples campaigning for years are now rewarded with equal rights and protection under Colorado State Law. All Love Catering is proud and excited to become a part of this revolutionary movement. On May 13th, we will become certified in the Gay & Lesbian Business in Colorado. Chef & Owner Cole Crocker will be attending a certification course taught by Bernadette Coveney Smith, founder of The Gay Wedding Institute and 14 Stories. Topics covered will consist of  the financial impact of gay weddings, language and terminology, differences, marketing to same-sex couples, traditions, and so much more. We will also be listed and verified through . This is the premier group with movement towards equal rights within the state of Colorado. Keep us in mind for all your events in the coming future. Our summer is packed of Weddings and we will be documenting every event with photos. If you are planning an event in Colorado or Denver, contact us today... For the Love of Food!   All Love Catering Supports Equal Rights Chef Cole Crocker 4970 Meade Street All Love Catering Denver, Colorado 80221

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