Seafood in the Mountains

Seafood is an ingredient that will make or break a meal. Fish is either really great or not great at all. A Chef must have a great understanding of selecting and preparing Shellfish, Whole Fish and Fillets. When All Love Catering serves Seafood at an event, it is picked hours before serving. We also utilize local fish markets with a first name relationship. Denver Colorado is great with the Mountain flair. Burgers, Bison and Vegetarian Roasted, grilled and barbecued foods are wide and abundant. Oceans, however, are far from having a local fisherman bringing in a catch of the day. Many places in town offer fish on the menu, although most are the typical Salmon and Tilapia dishes. If you have traveled to a beach, you know how absolutely amazing fresh seafood tastes. Although you may not believe it, there is availability to serve fresh seafood at your celebration. The trick is know where to look, and All Love Catering know just the place. The Seafood Landing in the Highlands area has been our market of choice over the last 3 years. The Owner, Bruce, takes a great deal of pride in the product he carries. For our large events, All Love Catering orders through Bruce any type of seafood used. From Mussels to Bass, The Seafood Landing is our go to. If you are looking for an amazing product with outstanding customer care, we suggest the Seafood Landing. Mussel 1 All Love Catering's Chef Cole Crocker has extensive knowledge on Seafood from a decade in restaurants and even being a fish Monger himself in Dallas. Central Market in Dallas Texas carries over 100 different types of Seafood at all times. The focus on Wild Caught and Fresh, not frozen, keeps our food the way it is supposed to be. Cole can walk a case in any store or location and select the best choice offered. Many times the fish monger will even comment "Best Option Today!" If you are a Seafood lover like All Love Catering, give us a ring. It is possible to have a great fish taco in the Rocky Mountains for your Wedding or special event. We love our Food! Chef Cole Crocker All Love Catering Denver, Colorado 720-917-4186

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